venerdì 10 aprile 2015

white folks' blues

(o del grande privilegio di essere cresciuti negli anni '80. un decennio con qualche ombra, ok, ma anche  parecchie luci; tipo, il palinsesto di, se non erro, rai2, con le sei stagioni di saranno famosi).
(replicate un bel po' di volte, ma mai abbastanza).

Leroy Johnson to Elizabeth Sherwood, "Fame", season 2, episode 01.

- I don't mean to put down who or what's hurting you, but you have what I call "white folks' blues". Yeah. See... Black folks, they know all about the blues, you know what I mean? They know that it's just a part of the whole deal. It seems to me that when the blues come around, white folks get scared, they don't get into it. It seems like they save everything up for one big bad time. And then they go through what you're going through right now.
- You're amazing.
- Nobody gets it all. Martelli can't act. Amatullo don't dance. You can't be perfect and happy all the time.

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